PVC wall panel The interior pvc wall panel is a decorative covering that has many advantages such as waterproof, maintenance-free, versatile and easy to install. PVCSA panels can be easily applied to any surface. Please scroll down to see our product line and how to install this product. PVC wall panels are an ideal substitute for ceramic tiles. These interlocking panels create an almost seamless effect that enhances the appearance of any room. All our PVC products can be easily cleaned with mild detergent and damp cloth. No more painting, save your time and money. benefit: • No yeast and mold • No painting required • durable • Antibacterial • Flame retardant • light • Quick installation • Anti-termite • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust and waterproof • Zero maintenance Color range: There are many amazing colors/patterns for PVC wall panels to choose from. Available sizes: 2.8m, 3.0m, 3.3m, 5.6m, 6.0m. Available in 300x7m and 160x10mm Also available in glossy/matte white Materials required for installation: PVC / polystyrene cornice seam Edge banding Inside and outside corners Before installation 1. Make sure to use the same batch in one area. 2. The product needs to be checked before installation. 3. No claims will be accepted after installation. 4. PVC wall panels should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because the product does not contain UV stabilizers. 5. If the wall is flat and flat, adhesives can be used instead of building a wooden frame. Installation Notes 1. PVC wall panels are for indoor use only. 2. The surface must be dry and in good condition. 3. Install in the bathroom and other places, use adhesive between the tongue and groove to ensure moisture-proof again. 4. Before installing panels around a heat source (such as a radiator or fireplace), make sure that the temperature level does not exceed the allowable level (60 C). 5. PVC wall panels can be cut with a carpet knife. The maximum imprinting distance is between 160 mm-300 mm. • The line is up, horizontal or horizontal. • PVC wall panels can be screwed to wood or steel. • The edges are placed parallel to the installation space (floor, ceiling) of the wooden frame. • Start installation from one of the edges, select the first wall panel and trim the tongue on the left side of the panel and cut it to a certain length. • Place the wall panel on the frame with the front of the wall panel facing you and the groove side to the right. Use TS16/SSDS16 PVCSA certified screws to fix the panel on the groove side through the end lip. • For warranty purposes, please make sure to use only TS16 or SSDS16 screws. • Select the next panel, insert the tongue into the groove of the first panel, fix the panel on the side of the groove again using the same method as before, and continue this method until it hits the edge or corner of the wall. • The inner and outer corners are executed together with the inner and outer corners as required. We are a professional PVC wall panel manufacturers . We can provide all kinds of PVC wall panels you want. You are welcome to come and choose.
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