The name "Airlaid" refers to Airlaid Paper , which is derived from the woody stems of oak trees. Non-woven paper has special physical properties, good moisture absorption, high drape, superior gloss, good drape, and excellent water retention. Unlike many other paper types, Airlaid Paper uses oak as the main wood. The paper is then woven and processed into various sizes and thicknesses. The resulting product has strong water absorption, provides excellent water retention and extraordinary gloss. Airlaid paper is manufactured in flat rolls or horizontal rolls. The paper is made of dry non-woven fabric. The fabric is then combined with the lubricating substance. Lubricants help make non-woven fabrics stronger and more durable. Then process the fabric into a sheet. After this treatment, non-woven paper is much more durable than ordinary paper. This process makes Airlaid paper an excellent choice for almost all applications. It has excellent scratch resistance and is very durable to resist mold and mildew. Non-woven fabrics also have excellent moisturizing and heat preservation properties. Therefore, these fabrics are suitable for almost any commercial environment. The non-woven fabric can achieve good air circulation in the paper structure and prevent moisture from collecting on the surface. This means that the non-woven material can remain moisture-free for a long time. Many of the papers produced by the company are specifically designed to be used as insulating materials. These panels can be used in a variety of applications, including fire doors, garage floors, floor and wall coatings, roofs, etc. Airlaid paper has a variety of unique characteristics that make it useful as an insulation product. One of the characteristics of this special paper is its excellent thermal conductivity. This characteristic makes it ideal for applications that may need to maintain a lower temperature to keep the device at a comfortable temperature. The paper also has excellent insulation and thermal elasticity. This means that even at extremely high temperatures, it can effectively retain heat in the paper structure. The unique characteristics of the paper also provide insulation against ultraviolet radiation, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature industrial applications. The unique properties of this paper also mean that it is an excellent choice for roofing and other commercial building applications where temperatures are usually very high. In addition, the unique properties of this special type of paper make it an excellent choice for making thermal roll labels. They are also widely used to make labels for various printed documents and other materials. The quality of the material used to make airlaid paper ensures that it is an excellent choice for applications that require optimal insulation. Because this material is made using a special papermaking process, this type of paper can use all the same qualities required to provide excellent insulation, and it can resist stains and other destructive conditions. This paper is also made of special hot foil. Thermally conductive foils are made of highly conductive materials and have many similar properties to thermally conductive foils used in printing materials. Thermal foil is used in these types of printers to help produce clear images on paper. Since heat-sensitive foil is used in the production process of this article, this paper does not contain the same chemical and physical properties as typical paper made of heat-sensitive foil. The thermal foil used to produce paper creates an extremely durable material that is ideal for commercial and residential applications. Ningbo Dongyu Nonwovens is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of airlaid paper. The unique properties of this material, such as excellent thermal foil, make it ideal for commercial and residential applications. The unique properties of this material make it ideal for applications that require high temperatures to provide excellent insulation, as well as applications that require high durability and moisture resistance. The other characteristics of this paper make it perform better than other types of thermal foil, which makes it an excellent choice for industrial and other types of construction applications. In addition, the unique properties of paper make it versatile and easy to use, which makes it an excellent choice for many applications. Of course, as a professional Non Woven Fabric Factory , Yaojin also produces airflow paper, or if you are interested in our related products, you are welcome to consult at any time.
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