A mind power book for easily manifesting by mystic yoga and transcendental meditation. Guides readers in developing true PK Mind Power
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    Easily Manifesting Desires
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  • https://chakramanifestation.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-third-eye-and-how-to-open-it.html
    The Third Eye and How to Open It.
      Most people these days have obviously heard of the third eye, but they still have no idea what it is or how it can benefit them. The third...
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  • https://chakramanifesta.wordpress.com/2020/11/30/the-third-eye-and-how-to-open-it/

    Most people these days have obviously heard of the third eye, but they still have no idea what it is or how it can benefit them. The third eye is a part of the chakra energy mapping system for the human being, representing various aspects of this entire life and beyond. As such, this ancient and powerful system of understanding and developing ourselves from a higher level of consciousness is essential to know about and use.  Especially in these days and times. The Third Eye cosmic energy vortex is nestled right between the eyes, and is also known as the brow chakra or “Ajna” in Sanskrit.  It’s important to note that information and Divine knowledge about the Third Eye spans back to the most remote times.  By now, the entire chakra system is a well-accepted scientific reality.  In fact, Lord Sri Krishna Himself discusses the importance of using the Third Eye in the Bhagavad-Gita, which most people have heard about but still don’t understand Manifestation methods.  So, it’s truly some of the most important information that you’ll ever learn about. After learning to work with the Third Eye, activate or awaken it through guided transcendental meditation techniques and mystic yoga, one directly accesses  the highest mental, spiritual and psychic powers within.

    In This Is PK, Yogi Gita teaches all about how to easily open the third eye fast, and it provides concrete scientific evidence regarding it’s psychic manifestation powers. The author guides readers in easily working with the third eye for all self-improvement, self-help personal development and self-empowerment purposes. By learning how to use your PK energy from within the Third Eye , from the author himself, anybody can easily achieve Manifestation methods, acquire or manifest whatever is desired. It’s truly that easy. Just by studying This Is PK, the Third Eye Chakra is naturally activated, and its unlimited powers immediately become available to begin using. So many people in today’s world feel out of control, disoriented, confused, helpless, powerless and hopeless; while others easily thrive in abundance, but they still wish for much better or more than they are now doing. Well, learning to activate the latent telekinetic powers of your Third Eye Chakra is your key to the life that you’ve always wanted; An upward spiral of ever-increasing wellness, good karma , spiritual healing, self-empowerment, and the ability to easily manifest and control the world in which you wish to live. The reason why studying This Is PK is so essential for working with the Third Eye chakra is because it’s based on modern scientific evidence, which naturally resulted from the author’s exciting PK Discovery; and technology that we’re all quite familiar with. Get a copy today and immediately benefit, by accepting your divine karmic inheritance now, before it’s too late…

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  • https://chakramanifestation.blogspot.com/2020/11/why-personal-development-books-are-so.html
    Why Personal Development Books Are So Crucial
      Many questions arise when considering the use and power of personal development books. For example, what are personal development books re...
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  • https://chakramanifesta.wordpress.com/2020/11/20/why-personal-development-books-are-so-crucial/

    Many questions arise when considering the use and power of personal development books. For example, what are personal development books really good for? Can I use them to create and implement a strong personal development plan? And, is this form of personal development something that is proven to help me on my path towards unlimited prosperity? In what ways can personal development books facilitate my goals in life?

    This article will certainly shed light on all of these questions! The best self help and personal development books empower the readers with something spiritual, or knowledge that we would consider “transcendental,” which means inducing change from the highest levels. This gives readers direct control over their lives. These books often contain information that isn’t common knowledge, considered secret Chakra balancing, confidential or hidden. Aside from reading these books on self development and personal growth, people literally would have no access ever to the very information needed to change it all! A potentially unfortunate story indeed.

    There are fortunately ways to undoubtedly use personal development books to devise a personal development plan that can improve, enhance, heal or change any area of life. It’s also important to work with a personal development strategy that’s proven to be effective, ideally on a scientific level. Working with mere conjecture or so-called knowledge that one thinks should work is quite different than studying a self help approaches that have worked since remote times. It’s this lost knowledge of the self that has lead humanity down the wrong path. Well, it’s time to empower ourselves with divine knowledge that naturally leads to the highest levels of personal development. Accordingly, personal development helps anybody to realize their life’s goals, and unleash their greatest potential Manifestation powers; by providing them with knowledge that gives them more power. This power is naturally used to create and develop you in unlimited ways, despite any present circumstances!

    Who wouldn’t want to have direct access to life changing freedom, and karma improving personal development strategies? Who wouldn’t want to have much more control over all areas of their lives with little or no hard work? Think about it, whatever one is surmounted with or desires, one can easily develop into anything created. Who wouldn’t want to have the power to develop their potential to unlimited heights? Who wouldn’t want to have the power of PK Manifestation right at their finger tips to use anytime…

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