Dutch bike for sale, the Netherlands has a total length of 35,000 kilometers of dedicated bicycle roads, accounting for 30.6% of the total road length in the Netherlands, and the per capita bicycle road length ranks first in the world.

As early as 1890, the Netherlands began to build the world's first bicycle lane, and it continued to expand and improve. So far, the Netherlands has formed a bicycle road with a total length of more than 35,000 kilometers, accounting for 30.6% of the total road length in the Netherlands, and the per capita bicycle road length ranks first in the world. These road signs are obvious, the road surface is spacious, the one-way road surface is at least 1.75 meters wide, and the width of the two-way lane is at least 2.75 meters, which is enough for two people to ride in parallel or overtake. The dedicated lane is red and marked with white bicycle road signs, with traffic lights and regular maintenance.

In the Netherlands, when space is limited, cyclists enjoy the "privilege" of "cyclists in front and cars behind" when they share the road with motor vehicles. It can even be said that "the bicycle is always right".

After World War II, the rapid increase in the number of cars in the Netherlands led to a sharp increase in traffic accident mortality. In 1971, 3000 people were killed by motor vehicles and 450 children were among them. Therefore, there has been a movement in the shu society to provide children with safety guarantees for cycling. The name of the movement is "Stop Murdering Children"

The Middle East oil crisis in 1973 also shook the Dutch's belief in car reliability and sustainability. At that time, the oil-producing countries in the Middle East stopped exporting oil to the United States and Western Europe.

In order to facilitate the parking of bicycles, the Netherlands has been committed to building bicycle parking lots in the past ten years. Take the transportation hub of Amsterdam Central Railway Station as an example. From 1996 to 2011, a total of 10 bicycle parking lots were built in 15 years, and about 18,000 parking spaces were added. Bicycle parking lots can be found everywhere in parks, city centers, schools, squares, railway stations, etc. Most of them are free. Each bicycle has a fixed frame, one for each bicycle, which is convenient to lock and neat and beautiful.

In addition, there are many indoor parking lots in the Netherlands. If you need to go out for a long time, bicycles can be parked in the public indoor parking lot in the city center, where there are special personnel. When you store the car, you will receive a receipt with a number, and a piece of paper with the same number will be fixed on the car. When you need to pick up the car, just issue a receipt. The construction of parking lots creates conditions for the orderly parking and standardized management of bicycles.

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