What kind of interior Decoration fabric are people looking for? In addition to the color, the durability of the fabric may be everyone's top priority. Durability translates to most people's thinking: "clumsy"-in other words, lightweight cotton is usually not thought of. Fabrics with densely woven yarns tend to be more durable than loose fabrics.

Equally important in evaluating durability is the length of the fiber. As a fiber, cotton is much softer than hemp or linen, and has a shorter length, with an average length of 0.79 -1.30 inches. The average length of hemp is 8 inches, but the length can reach 180 inches. The results of the research laboratory showed that the increase of short fibers is actually harmful to all yarn and fabric properties, and the roving twist needs to be increased to effectively draft during the spinning process. An increase of 1% for fibers shorter than 3/8 inch will cause the yarn to lose slightly more than 1% in strength. "In fact, the textile industry advocates obtaining short fiber content for cotton classification. SFC is defined as the percentage of fibers shorter than ½ inch. Therefore, a lower cost sofa decorated with cotton fiber upholstery can be woven from short fiber cotton. This is a cheap alternative to long-fiber cotton, and its inherent durability is poor-regardless of its durability on the showroom floor.