As far as the current situation is concerned, China is the country with the longest high-speed rail operating mileage, the largest scale under construction, the largest number of operating EMUs, and the fastest commercial operation speed in the world. China's high-speed rail has "eight major characteristics": safety, reliability, stability and comfort, strong transportation capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, strong applicability, convenience and speed, high cost performance, and good compatibility. At the same time, the rapid development of China's high-speed rail has been more than 20 years. As EMUs enter the maintenance cycle, the maintenance market for rail transit fasteners is huge.

At present, the static mechanical properties of the national standard fasteners for rail transit basically meet the requirements of the national standard, but some of the fasteners have bumps, the folding and decarburization of the thread roots, and the non-metallic inclusions of the materials. The fatigue performance is still Need to be further improved.

In order to meet the assembly requirements of the threaded connection of the EMU, the host companies put forward requirements for fasteners in some important parts even higher than international standards. Of course, good results have been achieved in practical applications, but there are still differences in the technical specifications between companies, and there is no unified CRRC enterprise standard or railway industry standard. Therefore, it brings a certain degree of difficulty to the purchase of such fasteners, and also increases the production cost.

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