Bots or EVE Mobile ISK players who are only skimming through the bunch killing bases off and cherry picking anoms would no more be as free to do so.

An choice to cancel early would be accessible but it should dump the participant back in their source. For quite a long travel, it is a sizable commitment to use and in case you need to divert or change mid route, it's an great punishment.

People aren't really worried about the security, rather that until you could AFK traveling and then play when you got there. However, now you need to manually play the travel also to be secure, which is dull and eats up play time (that can be limited for most people). Creating safe travel that takes three hours will not fix that problem.It not just eats up playtime, but *batteries*. This game can drain my phone while it's plugged in! Granted, I don't usually play phone, either utilize Tablet or Emulator on PC, however for the ones which do not have those choices, sometimes, staring at your screen for an hour as you travel isn't really a choice as phone is gonna die in 20 minutes.

If you AFK traveled to a null system, you landed in a station or in open space. You were not doing anything in match in any event. But unless you're still watching your phone, you were not playing EVE Echoes ISK For Sale immediately upon your destination. You waited patiently for the telling you came then logged in. In the latter scenario, you are still awaiting the telling to play.Yes, however you could do the dishes/finish that record at work/pay bills/whatever meanwhile.