The drill bit used in rock drilling operations in our country is mainly DTH Hammer, which must be connected with a conical way and can be used with the finished drill. If you want to make the life longer, the correct way of using it is very important. Important, it is best to keep the following points in mind during use:


   1. Before use, it must be confirmed that the drill bit and the drill rod are in good fit, and the taper is exactly the same. The drill bit and the drill rod used are best produced by the same company, otherwise the drill bit may be lost during use.
   2. In the early stage of drilling operation of the rock drill, the air volume should be lowered first to reduce the damage of the drill bit. After the drill bit is submerged in the rock, adjust the air volume to the normal air volume.
3. In the process of using DTH Hammer, if the drill bit has a gap of more than 3 mm, or the drill bit has an inverted cone, the drill bit must be removed, polished and repaired, otherwise the working speed will be reduced, and there may be Drill bit splits, and in severe cases, there will be a phenomenon of sticking.
  Four. During the drilling process, if you touch the steel bar, avoid it in time, and adjust the direction and position of the drilling as much as possible to prevent foreign matter from damaging the drill bit.
   5. In the process of rock drilling, if the drill bit is stuck, the drill bit must be replaced with a cross-shaped drill bit. Or other types of drill bits
   6. During the rock drilling process, if severe wear of the DTH Bit is found, other types of alloy bits must be replaced in time.
   Seven. During rock drilling operations, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient water supply to avoid the wear of the drill bit or the occurrence of sticking, and to improve the life of the drill bit.