Although Tapered Drilling Tools are designed to be used in various drilling conditions, the following factors have a great influence on the normal operation of drill pipes.

  1. Drilling fluid

  Tapered Drilling Tools can be adapted to various types of drilling fluids, but the specific gravity and viscosity of the drilling fluid should be considered. On the premise of satisfying well washing, the specific gravity and viscosity of drilling fluid should be reduced as much as possible. The specific gravity of drilling fluid should not be greater than 1.50.

  1. Drilling weight

  During the drilling process, the pressure of the drill should be gradually increased to make the pressure drop of the Tapered Drilling Tools motor reach the upper limit of the specified value as much as possible to ensure that the maximum output torque of the Tapered Drilling Tools motor meets the requirements. The drill bit needs to break the rock. At the same time, the drilling weight should be controlled within the recommended maximum drilling weight. Excessive drilling pressure will not only damage the thrust bearing of the drive shaft, but also cause excessive pressure drop of the motor and cause stagnation. If the dead time is too long, the motor will be seriously damaged.

  1. Torque

  The characteristic of Tapered Drilling Tools is that the output torque is proportional to the voltage drop of the motor. The actual output torque of Tapered Drilling Tools during operation depends on the weight of the drill bit. Theoretically, the torque change has no effect on the working speed. The motor with better performance is reduced from no-load to the effective maximum working load area, and the speed reduction does not exceed 10%. Tapered Drilling Tools drives the drill bit to rotate clockwise, and at the same time produces a reverse torque on the drill bit housing. The magnitude of the reverse torque is the sum of the output torque and the friction loss torque. The reverse torque is transmitted to the drill string through the Tapered Drilling Tools housing, resulting in a tight connection between the upper part of the Tapered Drilling Tools motor and the buckle, and the lower part of the Tapered Drilling Tools motor is connected to the buckle. Convex buckle, when the drilling tool stagnates, the reaction torque reaches the maximum. Since the reaction torque will affect the azimuth of the borehole, it is necessary to consider the existence of the reaction torque in the orientation operation.