The Tapered Button Bits is greatly affected by the seasons in daily life, so the frequency of use is not very large, and the idle time is long, so regular maintenance and maintenance are also required, because the machine is not maintained when it is idle. The damage caused may exceed the damage at work. The following explains the problems and countermeasures for the majority of users who are prone to the lower taper button drill bit for a long time.

  1. Deformation of the tractor tire stops, and its weight is fully borne by the four tires. If it is left for too long, it will cause the tire to deform under excessive pressure. The longer the taper button drill is parked, the harder it is to recover. If the shape of the tire changes, the tire will lose its balance, and the body vibration will increase during driving of the taper button drill, which will accelerate tire wear and shorten the tire life.

Countermeasure: When parking for a long time, it is necessary to start walking back and forth in a few days, so as to avoid the weight staying in the same position of the tire for a long time, to ensure that the tire is not deformed.

  1. Insufficient lubrication if the taper button bit is stored for a long time will cause insufficient lubrication. The reason is that the lubricant film in the engine comes into contact with oxygen and acid-based components in the air. For a long time, the lubricating oil film was oxidized and deteriorated to form a gel, which naturally would not be lubricated. When the long-duration taper button drill is used, the cylinder and piston will cause serious lubrication shortage when starting, accelerate parts wear, and it will be difficult to start or not start. If the time is too long, it will completely damage the engine.

Countermeasure: Start at least once a month to keep the engine lubricated. If necessary, some lubricating oil can also be injected.

  1. The storage battery will be discharged slowly if it is not used for a long time. If it is not charged in time, the active material on the polar plate will gradually form coarse lead sulfate after over-discharge. Lead sulfate crystals have low conductivity and large volume, which hinders the pores of the active material and hinders the penetration and diffusion of the electrolyte. At the same time, lead sulfate is not easily converted into lead dioxide and sponge-like lead during charging. Lead sulfate will lose its reversible effect, reduce the effective materials of the polar plates, reduce the discharge amount, shorten the service life, and make the battery scrapped seriously.

Countermeasure: If the tractor is not used for a long time, the vehicle will start once every 30 days and drive at medium speed for about 30 minutes. If there is a special charger, the battery should be taken out, the outer surface is clean, fully charged, and placed indoors to clean and warm. During storage, charge at least once a month to prevent cracking or sulfide. Use a special charger when charging, the charging current should be appropriate, the current is too small to charge for a long time; too much will damage the battery. In addition, when charging, you must unscrew the battery cover, pay attention to ventilation, so we can not use an open flame to access the battery charging port, because the hydrogen generated by the battery is explosive.

  1. The spring and transmission belt are deformed. If the tractor components such as springs, transmission belts and other parts are subjected to long-term stress, plastic deformation will occur. After the force disappears, the original shape cannot be restored.

Countermeasure: All the compression or spring of the tractor must be relaxed. For example, the intake and exhaust valves of the engine should be closed, the clutch handle of the taper button drill should be placed in the closed position, and the transmission belt is best to hang down the wall.

  1. The water tank freezes and cracks. In the winter in the north, it is very cold. When the taper button drill is left for a long time, if the engine water is not cleaned, the abnormal expansion of the water will freeze the body and the water tank.

Countermeasure: As long as the taper button bit is in a long-term parking state, the water in the taper button bit must be cleaned, especially in areas where the temperature is below 0 degrees.

  1. The rubber parts are aging, the performance is reduced, and the service life is obviously shortened. The rubber parts on the tractor are mainly tires, gaskets and dust covers. During long-term storage, due to sunlight exposure, deformation by external forces, oil stains, etc., it will accelerate cracking, reduce elasticity and strength, become sticky, and become hard and brittle.

Response measures: First, avoid direct sunlight storage and parking, try to use metal garage doors; Second, avoid rubber parts sticking to oil, if sticking oil, you should immediately scrub; Third, avoid long-term deformation.

  1. The surface of the taper button drill bit is rusty. Due to the effects of acid, alkali, saline solution and oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and humid air, it causes metal corrosion. The metal parts of the taper button drill bit will tarnish after rusting. In severe cases, it will form flaky or powdery oxides, reduce the size of parts, reduce mechanical strength, shorten the service life, and even completely lose the use value.

Countermeasure: First, wash thoroughly before storage. The dust and oil on the tractor should be removed, and the lubricating parts should be lubricated according to maintenance regulations. The second is to make up paint. Find out the painted surface, partially paint, and apply anti-rust grease to the surface that has not rusted. The third is moisture-proof. The warehouse should be ventilated and dry, and the relative humidity of the air should be kept below 70%. The fourth is to prevent the emission of harmful gases. Do not park the taper button drill bit next to the pile of garbage, firewood and corrosive substances to prevent the corrosion of harmful gases.