What is the size and thickness of a stainless steel sink in general? According to the actual situation, most users of the groove think that the optimal thickness is between 0.8mm ~ 1.0mm, so why?
There are also differences in the manufacturing process of water tanks of the same material, which also affects the quality and price of the water tanks. The most common manufacturing processes are one-time forming and welding. From the surface, the difference between the two processes is that the surface of the water tank produced by the one-time forming process is smooth, without obvious welding marks, and more beautiful; while the welding groove of the welding water tank is more obvious and flat. Degree is slightly inferior to one-shot molding. However, due to the difficulty of the one-time molding process, the overall thickness of the water tank after molding is relatively uneven, and the basin is relatively thin; but the single-pot butt welding is relatively thick and integrally stretched. However, the sink is not as thick as possible. Too bulky may make the cabinet easy to deform. The optimal thickness of the sink is between 0.8mm ~ 1.0mm, the service life is long, and it is not easy to damage the cabinet and utensils.
 The surface treatment of the water tank will affect the cleanliness and wear resistance of the water tank. The general treatment methods are bright, matte (matte), rough drawing, pearly silver (sandblasted), etc. The main treatment methods are matte (matte), non-absorbent, easy to clean, and smooth to the touch.

Stainless steel sink depth is more than 180mm
 According to the cooking habits of Chinese kitchens, domestic sinks have certain standards for their depth and accessories. The depth of the sink will also greatly affect the operation of the kitchen: too small and too shallow, the capacity is insufficient during operation and water is easy to spill; too deep will be inconvenient to operate, according to ergonomics and the degree of splashing water, the depth of the sink Generally, it is necessary to choose more than 180mm, with large capacity, and the splash is not easy to splash.
In addition, the sink accessories also include water pipes, drains, faucets, soap dispensers, cutting boards, drain baskets, trash cans, garbage processors, mufflers and so on. The waste disposer is an advanced configuration and is not suitable for all households. The most important parts of the accessories should be water pipes, drains and faucets, especially in terms of anti-blocking, anti-odor, and smooth water flow. It directly affects the overall life and health of the sink, and the damage is relatively complicated to repair.
The performance of different pipes will affect the life
 The material of the water pipe is generally PP (thermoplastic resin polymerized by propylene) or UPVC (also known as hard PVC, an amorphous thermoplastic resin polymerized with vinyl chloride monomer plus certain additives). UPVC has neither anti-freezing nor heat resistance. Well, the temperature range of UPVC pipe for water supply is best at room temperature. If the temperature is too low, the brittleness will increase, which is unfavorable for installation and construction. If the temperature is too low, the tensile strength will decrease and the hydraulic pressure resistance will decrease. However, the UPVC pipe for water supply uses a unique green and environmentally friendly lead-free formulation system instead of the traditional compound lead salt formulation system, so it will not damage water quality and affect human health. And it has good water tightness and light texture. PP pipe is non-toxic, hygienic, high temperature resistant and recyclable. It is mainly used in indoor hot and cold water supply systems of buildings, and is also widely used in heating systems.

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