Many sinks will no longer be shiny for this reason, even dirty, and rust will be rusted. Otherwise, there is an unpleasant smell coming back from the sewer, such a kitchen is simply annoying. So how to choose a good sink is one of the key issues for a clean kitchen, and what are the criteria for a good sink? China Stainless Steel Manual Sink Manufacturer, Supplier & Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. summarized the following three hard standards.

Standard one: good steel does not hang oil
In order to make the sink clean, many people are used to brushing with steel balls. The sink is clean for now, but it will actually get dirty faster. Because of the sink that is easy to hang dirt, the quality of steel is not very good, and it is easier to hang dirty things with a wire ball.
Standard equipment: 304 steel plate
The best steel plate for making the sink is 304 steel plate. This type of steel is the most suitable for kitchen use regardless of hardness and wear resistance. The surface of the steel is extremely smooth. It does not hang oil or dirt. It is not necessary to clean the pot at all. A rag is sufficient.
Standard two: good water does not taste
Smell in the kitchen sewer is a terrible thing. Keeping some water in the water tank can block the odor, but it can be rusted for a long time, which will affect the appearance. This is by no means a long-term solution.
Standard equipment: steel ball positioning, S-bend downpipe

The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the drainage of the sink. The steel ball has a good positioning quality, which can quickly remove sewage and prevent odor from returning. The drain pipe is another key to prevent the odor from returning to the sink. Designing the sewer pipe into an S shape can reduce sewer back odor. Coupled with a special sterilization process is even more perfect.
Standard three: Good coating does not return to moisture
Many people think that the sink is the right size, easy to clean, and taste good, but they just missed a very important point, that is, the moisture resistance of the sink. Most of the current sinks are built-in. If the sink is not moisture-proof, it is easy to cause damage to the cabinet, and mold may be produced over time, which is harmful to health. So don't neglect the moisture resistance of the sink.
Standard configuration: moisture-proof coating

Although the water tank is made of stainless steel and does not leak water, the outer wall of the water tank is prone to condensation of water vapor, which is a great threat to the cabinet, especially in summer. A special coating on the outside of the sink not only absorbs water vapor, but also reduces the noise caused by water colliding with the sink during washing.
The cleaning and maintenance of the sink is very important. We must consider these aspects when cleaning and finishing. First of all, we must understand some hard standards of the sink. These are also some of the standards we will follow when selecting the sink. It is very helpful for us to choose the sink in the future.


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