How to clean and clean stainless steel sinks reasonably and effectively?   Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers     explains:

1. First, wipe the surface of the sink with a scouring pad and remove the dirt on the surface. When wiping, be sure to use a soft scouring pad. Never use a steel ball to damage the life of the sink.

2. Then sprinkle with baking soda and mix with water to form a paste.

3. Find a toothbrush and start a little brushing. When brushing, be sure to brush according to the texture of the sink.

4. After all the brushing, spread a paper towel or towel in the sink, then sprinkle white vinegar on it until it is soaked.

 5. Brush again with detergent. After cleaning, the non-magnetic steel sink will become more bright.

  6. Finally, the lemon flakes are used to remove the odor, and the cleaning process of the entire sink is basically finished.

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