Learning how to choose your sofa fabric is sort of like finding your perfect mate. Sure, you want them to be attractive, but having the right substance matters too. And while we can’t speak for any possible suitors in your life, we definitely know all about substance when it comes to furniture—specifically fabrics.

So whether you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated, the least we can do is help find your sofa soulmate. Because really, what’s better than having a welcoming spot when you come home? Read on for a guide on how to choose your sofa fabric, so you can find the perfect match.


When it comes to leather, one of the most popular options is top grain leather. This is when the outermost layer of the hide is sanded away. This removes imperfections, resulting in a sleeker and more uniform look (versus the more patina look of full grain leather). That makes top grain leather an ideal choice for those who love a modern aesthetic.

As far as durability, leather is a long-lasting material, and the care level is moderate. You can clean it with by gently vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth as needed. You’ll also want to apply a leather conditioner about twice a year, as this will prevent fading and cracking.

Performance Fabric

Speaking of tough fabrics, it doesn’t get tougher than performance fabric, which is a general term for extremely durable, cleanable upholstery. There are many different brands of performance fabrics around, and we carry two of the top-rated options.

The first one we added to our lineup was Revolution Fabric, found on many of our Kevin Charles brand upholstery. Made from recycled fibers of old milk cartons, it makes for an eco-friendly option too. Of course, what makes this fabric even more special is that it’s extremely cleanable. Any spill, from red wine to markers, can be cleaned using a diluted bleach solution. Plus, it’s free from PFC chemicals, making it even more family friendly.

The second performance fabric we started carrying is LiveSmart. Featuring a moisture-repellant barrier that encourages spills to bead up and roll off, you can go ahead and lift that no drinks on the couch rule. And like Revolution Fabric, it’s also extremely stain-resistant and soft.

If you want to purchase woven imitation linen fabric, contact us!