woven imitation linen fabric has the functions of temperature regulation, anti-allergic, anti-static and anti-bacterial. Because linen has good hygroscopicity and can absorb 20 times of its own weight, the linen fabric feels dry. Nowadays, it is anti-wrinkle and non-iron linen. The birth of products and the emergence of blended products have further expanded the market for flax products. Internationally, the weaving of linen is mostly projectile looms and rapier looms. Products include delicate and elegant linen handkerchiefs, shirting materials, crepes, fancy yarn products, sportswear, and linen and wool blended products. Household products include: curtains, wall coverings, tablecloths, bedding, etc. Industrial products include: canvas, luggage tent, insulating cloth, filter cloth and aviation products.
Flax can be interwoven or blended with wool, polyester and other fibers to form textile products with a unique style and high quality and low price.
Wool and linen interwoven cool fabric: flax fiber and wool weaving are a new way to realize the lightness and coolness of wool fabrics. Due to the large difference in fineness, elasticity, elongation, crimping and other properties of wool fiber and flax fiber, it is difficult to control the blending process, such as severe flying and winding rollers, severe breakage, noil, and low production efficiency. With high consumption and low spinning count, wool and flax are often used for interweaving to form a plain weave product of wool warp and weft. Due to the structure of double warp and single weft, the cloth surface is light and smooth, and it is flat and firm. The warp density used in this kind of flax product is often higher than that of the weft formed by stiff linen yarn, and most of the wool fiber appears on the surface, so the finishing focus is on the wool fiber. The wool and linen interwoven cool fabric has the advantages of wool and linen, and there is a good market in the field of wearing.
Flax fiber nonwoven fabric composite material: Flax fiber nonwoven fabric/unsaturated polyester composite material can be made by vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding method (RTM). Because the price of flax is relatively low, the density is lower than that of all inorganic fibers, and it is elastic. The modulus and tensile strength are similar to those of inorganic fibers. It can partially replace glass fibers as reinforcing materials in composite materials. Compared with glass fibers and carbon fibers, flax fibers are softer. After proper degumming treatment, the selection is reasonable The carding process, the needle punching method can produce non-woven reinforced fiber felt with quantitative and bulkiness meeting the requirements, at the same time, the fiber damage is small, and the thickening effect is good. As a reinforcing material, it has a short production process, no weaving and processing The advantages of low cost are conducive to energy saving and environmental protection.
Identification edit voice
The high-quality pure linen sold in the market has a higher price. The price can also reflect the quality of the linen. Inexpensive linen cloth is mostly woven from hemp, with short fibers. Individual merchants sell semi-linen cloth, cotton and linen cloth with linen cloth, we can use the following methods to distinguish.
(1) Through light inspection, check whether the thickness of the warp and weft is uniform. If the warp and weft are too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.
(2) Check the tightness of the weaving by tightening the pattern.
(3) The high-quality primary color linen is brown, shiny, and even absorbing water. The linen is not good in quality, and the linen that is processed into soft fibers has uneven water absorption and will turn black when wet.
(4) Outer worsted linen, the less fluff on the surface, the better.
(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of the semi-linen cloth is different.
(6) Pull a thread, if there is bending and splitting at both ends, the thread is cotton thread. The two ends of the torn linen thread should be smooth, otherwise it is not pure.
(7) If the caustic soda water is applied to the canvas, the linen will appear brownish yellow, and the cotton cloth will appear light yellow.

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