I'm not certain if it's because of WOW Classic TBC Gold the gcd in particular, (at minimum, not when content over 60-70) however, i do agree with the general notion of socializing increasing when the game becomes more difficult in the first place. That's the principal reason to consider classic wow more social. Most people argue that it's because they don't have a duty finder but i disapprove of that because i dont really consider spaming chat with lfg as social,doe what the game did have that encouraged social interaction? It was a large amount of slow time . You could feel this in FF14 as well as Eureka which was very social due to the amount of period you spent creating NM's or with Prae through the cutscenes.

Many were concerned about the WOW migration's flood of new players and the possibility of their behavior. Every time I look at some of these posts by an ex WOW vet, I feel encouraged and want to return to tell them to don't worry! There will be some eggs that aren't so good. There are always bad eggs. There are already some of them in the FFXIV community. There are many more good ones. Many sprouts are looking for the same thrilling adventure we all have the pleasure of sharing.

But there are devs and mods who, in a variety of scale, try to discourage players from coming up with a slam on rude, cruel behaviour. That has resulted in players who don't tolerate that kind of behavior. They transfer that mentality onto others by quickly reporting any bad eggs, and so it all feeds into itself well.

A new player offered a valid point as I've heard that I'm not really consuming his work - that FFXIV's storyline actually encourages its culture. Instead of telling a story in which two teams of players are at war, it's a story that promotes forgiveness and unity even when confronted with conflict. When our big corporations fight, it's really simply a game in which you'll be hit by the dodgeball (Fire IV is the dodgeball. It is impossible to dodge the dodgeball.) It's enough times when the ref tells you to go back to the start zone before you can rejoin the fight. It's refreshing!

LOL, I grew up playing the WoW RP server, so it's not surprising that the city was vibrant. But, FFXIV does it in an entirely different manner, and it's not all traditional role-playing. It's just a bunch of people who are having a blast. This is the reason it's unique.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through this sub-forum and found a few posts on limsa's afkers. I decided to stop by and explore them since once you're at level 61 the cheap WOW TBC Gold og cities start to disappear from your narrative.