An Animal Crossing New Horizons participant has recreated Joaquin Phoenix's dancing scene in 2019's Joker, whole with the participant dressed for the part.The infamous dancing Joker scene on the steps has been faithfully recreated by an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player. The dancing stairs scene is one of the most recognizable scenes in 2019's Joker for each its leisure and its narrative significance at that point in the film.

The dancing scene from 2019’s Joker has ingrained itself in popular culture for a lot of reasons. The leisure factor is comparable to Animal Crossing Bells Tobey Maguire’s emo dance in Spider-Man 3, but the Joker dance comes at a turning factor for the man or woman wherein the Joker is content with embracing his newfound identification. The happiness he exudes has been immortalized as each an important narrative scene for the movie and as top meme fabric.

User Sylver_Acnh indicates that the identical electricity of the dancing scene may be successfully recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The screenshot indicates a smiling Joker-dressed villager in Buy Animal Crossing Bells a endeavor of the long stairway in Gotham City that Joker climbs up. Items like fences and jail bars are used to recreate the city landscape that the scene affords. It flawlessly captures the ecstatic happiness that Joker feels in the course of this moment, together with the rusted cityscape that Arthur Fleck lives in. The caption "put on a happy face" additionally drives home the spirit of the film.