Fans were able to torment and taunt Zipper during his first appearance with numerous gear and landscaping hints, however now that the game’s been out a yr, everyone’s had time to acquire furniture and examine new talents. That approach a few gamers are filing Zipper to a few real Jigsaw-style exams or punishments on their island.

Some Animal Crossing lovers have come to Nook Miles Ticket love Zipper. Maybe it’s the seasonal spirit he embodies, or his shiny yellow fur, however he makes for pretty a hanging island accessory. If you subject matter your island for the Easter season, Zipper blends in quite properly — in truth, you could create a few downright lovely scenes with a touch bit of work and creativity.

Animal Crossing fanatics can log into New Horizons or Pocket Camp to participate within the Bunny Day occasion now. Collecting eggs can earn tons of neat recipes for seasonal objects, so if you like the pastel and eggy aesthetics of Bunny Day, now’s an awesome time to Nook Miles Ticket for Sale log in and work with Zipper to extend your collection. That is, as long as you’re not too concerned by way of the secrets and techniques hiding at the back of those huge blue eyes.