Beyond this update isn't of extreme consquence. It does come with other new additions, new music, bug fixes, and more, but none of it's very game-changing nor will it really improve the overall experience of Rocket League Items the game. That said, when measured by the length of the patch notes, this is certainly one of the bigger updates in weeks.

The next seasonal theme for Rocket League has been revealed by Psyonix. Following the musical Season 2, Season 3 will be a celebration of auto racing. It begins April 7, and it puts a major focus on both Nascar and Formula 1 racing.

Keeping to the theme, Season 3 introduces a new auto racer battle car, the Tyranno. The Tyranno can be unlocked through Season 3's battle pass; it has a Dominus hitbox.

Additionally, throughout Season 3, two new LOLGA battle car bundles will become available in the shop. In early May, a NASCAR battle car bundle will be added, and in mid-May, a Formula 1 battle car bundle will roll in.